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The dreaded week 5, day 3 on the “Couch to 5K” program I have been using via my iPhone was this morning. For reasons known only to the designers of said program, right in between week 5, day 2 (“Five-minute warm-up, then jog for 8 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, and jog for 8 minutes”) and week 6, day 1 (“Warm-up 5:00, run 5:00, walk 3:00, run 8:00, walk 3:00, run 5:00”) is this:

Five-minute warm-up, then jog for 20 minutes with no walking.

Wait – what?! Obviously these people do not know how I have come to enjoy/live for the first walking interval after the longer running intervals over the past week. I have even taken to throwing my arms up in the air and letting out a little “Woohoo!” when the run has seemed a little longer than normal.

But I prepared myself with a little motivational help via a playlist I put together last night^ titled “Playlist of Awesome” (so named because it did turn out to be awesome when I was done). Helping see me through a long run was:

  1. “Take a Chance on Me” by ABBA* – It’s fun and peppy with a good beat. And as a fan of “The Office” I’m obligated to picture Andy Bernard’s acapella rendition of this song (complete with actions) while listening. It kept my brain happily distracted for the song’s duration.
  2. All the Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)” by Murray Gold (from Doctor Who, series 3) – The title seems appropriate somehow. And I think a song with a bit of drama from a show where there has been a lot of running also makes it a good fit.
  3. The Futurekind” by Murray Gold (Doctor Who, series 3) – Two minutes of music involving a rapidly moving string section and guitar riff. ‘Nuff said.
  4. Breakdown” by Group 1 Crew – I love the movement of this song. It’s not necessarily a fast beat, but it helped me keep a good jogging rhythm.
  5. You Reign” by MercyMe – One of my favourite worship songs by one of my favourite groups. Plus it’s always good to get my focus off myself.
  6. I am the Doctor” by Murray God (Doctor Who, series 5) – I dare you to listen to this and not want to get up and do something.
  7. Umbrella Beach” by Owl City – This song popped up while I was driving home from work on and it perked me right up. It worked today, too!
  8. 78 Eatonwood Green” by Rich Mullins – A beautifully moving piece of music played on the hammer dulcimer. I feel like I should be in Ireland or Scotland while listening to this song. For now, I can pretend. Yay! Another happy distraction!
  9. Stronger” by Seabird – With a line like “. . . she’s so much stronger than before” and, well, I had to include it.


What songs help you to get moving? Sound off (ha!) below!


^The bulk of this post was also written last night.  I’m not so crazy so as to run and then try to pound out a blog post with links first thing in the morning.  >_<

*You should know this song! Besides which, the music video ABBA did for the song is a little . . . odd. I was getting a ‘stalker’ vibe in a couple of parts. O_o

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