Sleepless in Seattle: Boy (Eventually) Meets Girl

'Sleepless In Seattle' photo (c) 2009, Rich Summers - license: I’ll be up front with this:  Sleepless in Seattle is not a movie that espouses Christian values.  People are living together and knowing each other in the biblical sense (or, if you’ve seen Captain America, are ‘having fondue’) before they are married .  There is any number of things, I’m sure, that can be found to be wrong with this film.  But the film never pretended to be something it was not in that regards, so there you go.

I’ll also be up front with this:  It is one of those rare gems that tells the story of how boy comes to eventually meet girl in a way that is overall quite chaste, but not sugarcoated, either.  The hard parts of life are not glossed over – the loss of a spouse, suddenly becoming a single parent, wondering if you’re with the ‘right’ person.  But even in the midst of the hard stuff, there are smiles and laughter, jobs and run-of-the-mill responsibilities, friends and family providing guidance and encouragement.  Though some may find the premise implausible, I still find a normalcy, an every-day feel to the tale it spins.  And with so many movies splashing seemingly implausible situations and expectations for how to start or grow a relationship, this movie remains, for me, a breath of fresh air in the realm of ‘boy meets girl/girl meets boy’.

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