Thoughts on Reservations, Salt and Light

It’s interesting how bits of things we watch or read or listen to can find their way into our ‘everyday’ lives and conversation. Take this past Saturday. My side of the family had met up for our weekly breakfast date and, as we were a bit larger of a group, had called ahead to make a reservation. But as we soon discovered, the restaurant staff was a little fuzzy on the proper reservation-taking protocol. For those of you who caught Monday’s teaser for today’s post, you know what’s coming next:

Yes, as we waited for another table to be set up for us (our table having been given to a completely different party of 8), my younger sister and I riffed on the classic Seinfeld scene where the difference between taking and holding reservations was explained to a rather perturbed car rental agency employee. (Because, really, it is in the holding.)

Later, as I thought about how other pop culture references – such as the song Soft Kitty, and the words ‘unfriended’ and ‘bazinga’ to name a few – are now a part of my everyday vernacular, I wondered how easily the godly stuff finds its way into my ‘everyday’ life and conversation. How often and easily do I speak of grace, mercy, and forgiveness? How freely do I show it to others or even to myself? How patient am I really? How much of the Bible do I speak without having to tack a scripture reference behind it because it is such part of me?

I’m honestly not trying to Jesus juke myself (or anyone reading this), but it is something to think about. Am I easily identified as a Christian by the way I live my life?

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