Top Five Tunes on iTunes (According to My Household)

Top Five Tunes on iTunes (According to My Household)

I’ve been clicking around a fair bit in iTunes lately – clearing out old playlists, adding some new tunes, and enjoying a few artists I haven’t listened to in a little while.   I have also been keeping tabs on the default Top 25 Most Played play list.  I like seeing what tunes may have been eliminated or are moving up in the rankings, and checking in with a favourite or two that may have been neglected as of late.  I’m telling you, it’s better than following any sports teams rankings.  (Never mind the fact I don’t follow any sports and that I came in Last of the Last at the hockey pool at work earlier this year.)

According to the Top 25 Most Played playlist after today’s syncing of three out of four of our devices, here are the 5 Most-Played Songs in the Woodman Household:

  1. Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K – This song has been played 240 times.  Two hundred and forty.  And it was released only last year.  It’s a very good reminder for me to keep the past in the past.   Learn from it, yes, but to also keep moving forward.
  2. Rescue by Seabird – Coming in a mere 9 plays behind the #1 song, this tune has a catchy melody, a cool video, and (best of all) a great message about the rescuing grace of God.  Sometimes we think He doesn’t know what we’re going through.  Then He reminds us of how much He does know and see of  (and care about) these finite lives of ours.  Awesome.
  3. So Long Self by MercyMe – A ‘Dear John’ letter of sorts to our selves.  Take the four minutes needed to listen to this song.  Often.  And watch the video.  It’s a humourous and friendly reminder for all of us to quit thinking we’re all that and a bag of chips.  Because guess what?  We’re not.  And that’s okay.
  4. You Are Everything by Matthew West – If this came before #3, I would almost think iTunes was Jesus juking me.  Okay, no, I wouldn’t.  (But it was a great way to work in a link to one of my favourite  blog posts by Jon Acuff.)  I do love how this song captures how I often feel – clumsy, mucking things up, and still in awe of the bigness and awesomeness of God.
  5. Stronger by Seabird – This is still one of my favourite running tunes, particularly if it plays at any point in a run when I’m need an extra boost.  My husband and I both love the movement of this song, and he doesn’t even mind the fact there’s a banjo in it.

What songs make up your Top 5 Most Played on iTunes?  Sound off (pun sort of intended) in the comments section below.

*Photo Credit: dkalo (Creative Commons)

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Labels: Knowing Me, Knowing You?