Unfriended on Facebook: A Lesson

Social networking sites and online message boards can be, unsurprisingly, funny places when it comes to relationships. There are people I can honestly say I count among my friends who I have yet to meet face-to-face. There are people who have ‘followed’ or ‘friended’ me only to later block me once I reciprocated in kind. Then there are people who I have known (or know) in a physical, 3D manner who have ‘unfriended’ or ‘unfollowed’ or basically do not communicate with me anymore. And really, when I take a step back from it, it’s not a big deal. It’s the nature of the beast, as it were, and it’s not like I haven’t ‘unfriended’ people in the past. pylonenphoto © 2009 Rupert Ganzer | more info (via: WylioBut I had a Facebook ‘unfriending’ recently that bothered me. And the irony is I was thinking about either blocking or ‘unfriending’ this person myself because (in a nutshell) their numerous daily appearances in my newsfeed were starting to drive me batty. And this was also why I noticed this person’s sudden absence in the first place. So I did a little bit of poking around and discovered this person had unfriended me. Why, I’m not sure. I like to think I’m a rather delightful person. But what niggled away at me was this person had remained Facebook friends with mutual acquaintances.

I know, I know – big whoop. And as I said at the start, I’d basically be a big ol’ hypocrite if I made a mountain out of this particular molehill. But it is never a fun thing to have old insecurities dredged up, and for me – an introvert more often than not – to be deemed ‘unworthy’ of a spot on a Facebook friend list by someone I once knew reminded me of all the times before I haven’t ‘fit in’ with a particular crowd.

But, thankfully, I was able to do some things this go-round that, I believe, will help me leave this particular insecurity behind: I talked with God about it, I reminded myself of the really good friends (old and new) that I do have, and I didn’t put on a false persona in order to gain the approval of someone else.

And for that, I thank my former friend for the ‘unfriending’.  It has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Ü

Summer Reading:  The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

Summer Reading: The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

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