up and at it

up and at it

We are a whole nine days into 2019 – and I’m three days into working on establishing some new habits – and frustration tugs at my frame.  

At least I’m not procrastinating on All The Things, as it were. That’s a plus.  

But it’s hard, we all know this in one way or several, the changing of habits, of routines, the work of shedding the flawed for something better. And (again, I’m sure we’ve all been here) the dream of a magic bullet, a pill, a certain snap of the fingers to get us to what, to who, to where we want to be definitely holds an allure. But if stories real and imagined have taught us anything, such instant fixes are, almost always, not without their own difficulties. 

There is some ado being made in the few online circles I peek into about choosing a word to guide one throughout the year – a central theme or idea to keep in mind. It can be in addition to or in lieu of the more traditional goal setting model. And some think the whole ‘one word’ premise is silly. Which is fine – it’s okay if it doesn’t work for you. But I’m not knocking it, for I’ve done the mix of picking a word (or idea or theme) to keep in mind as I travel throughout the year and work on other goals. And for last year in particular when things went sideways for a stretch with Jeff’s health, I forgot about goals and ‘to do’ lists for a while. But I remembered the word I had chosen for the year. More an idea, really, it was:  

Be kind.  

I was thankful to have that to return to, to remind myself of when frustrated with me, with circumstances, and the like. As such, I’m wondering how I will carry this year’s word in the days and months ahead: 


How will I grow in my relationships? At work? As a part of my church? As a writer? How will I handle the cycles, the seasons, the things associated with growth? I’m not sure, to be honest. But it will be an adventure, an experience in itself to find out.  

Now, to allow the growing of patience …  

*Photo by Sanah Suvarna on Unsplash

going into 2019

going into 2019