What Are You Worth?

What are you worth? I’m not talking in a monetary sense (the human body is worth only about $4.50), or in terms of your skill set or talents, or in regards to the size of your home, family, or any of those things. Nor am I talking about your wisdom or age, beauty or levels of compassion.

Here’s a hint: What do you worship?

Don’t blurt out your answer. Take a moment to think about it. It can almost be a knee-jerk reaction to say “God” or “Jesus” if you’re a Christian. Non-Christians may say “nothing” or “nature” or silently wonder what you’re going on about. But I want you (and I’ve been doing it myself) to take a look at what really has first place in or is truly at the center of your life. What do your days revolve around?

I don’t like some of what I’m seeing, to be honest. I don’t always keep God at the center of all I do. I don’t always regard Him with ‘great or extravagant respect, honour or devotion’. No, I’m too busy checking out Facebook or blog stats or reviews for a movie I want to see. Sometimes I wonder if I’m worshipping the past. I certainly can dwell on it a lot. And other times I am worshipping me. Not to put myself down, but I’m a very fallible human being. I’m not worthy of worship or praise. Old statue at Crystal Palacephoto © 2011 Magnus D | more info (via: Wylio) A little while ago I was reading 2 Kings. It’s a book full of the histories of kings who led well and those who failed their people miserably, kings who repented when they did wrong and those who didn’t care. And nestled just over two-thirds of the way into the book is a (to me at any rate!) revelation about why God was so insistent back in Exodus 20 that the people of Israel not worship other gods. It was not simply because He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). It’s also because He didn’t want Israel – or any of His followers – to become worthless. I’ll let you read it for your self:

They worshipped worthless idols, so they became worthless themselves. ~2 Kings 17:15 (NLT)

A little bit of digging turned up the following verse:

All who worship worthless idols turn from the God who offers them mercy. ~Jonah 2:8 (CEV)

And what do we feel the least worthy of when our self-worth is in the toilet?

Mercy.  And it’s something we all need – compassion . . . patience . . . undeserved favour and grace.  God wants to give it to us, but He knows if we’re seeing ourselves as little more than pond scum, we’re less likely to really take it when He offers it.  He knew it in the desert, and He knows it in whatever situation you find yourself right now.  Don’t serve God only because He is jealous God or you want a ‘get out jail free’ card or it’s become a mindless habit.  Serve Him because He is worthy of all we’ve got to give Him, because He really does have our best interests at heart.

So what are you worth?  What – and who – do you worship?

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