What to Write?

What to Write?


I’m struggling with what to write at the moment. It’s currently 10:09 PM on a Tuesday night as I work on this, and I told my husband about an hour ago that I hoped I wouldn’t be too long. But between a late snack (necessary due to a skipped supper), an update for Microsoft Word on my iMac, the hunt for the perfect playlist, and, oh yes – a blog post and, well. Here I am.

In regards to Monday’s post:

It’s not that I think I shouldn’t write at all. No, I know part of my wiring includes writing. It took me awhile to get that all sorted out, but I did and now it’s settled and that’s that.

But I wonder what I am to write.

I enjoy blogging. I like the practice, the routine it gives me. It’s not all I want to write, however. For I really enjoy fiction. I’m crap at finishing anything outside of National Novel Writing Month, mind you. But I so enjoy a well-told story and I want to pen my own well-told stories.

But so often I feel that is a wasteful thing to want to do.

So I question the validity of the desire. I squash it down, tuck it away, and focus on More Important Things.

Yet I wonder . . . what if I worked on a story until it was done? It wouldn’t have to be great, just done? What would that look like? Feel like? Could I tell a good story, a complete story? Could it be polished into something great, however that may look (for what may be great for me may not be great for someone else and vice-versa)?

As I ponder that, I’ll listen to Singing Stone by Rhett Walker Band a few more times. It helps get me in a ‘good’ contemplative mood:

Photo Credit: Peer Lawther ©2011 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

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