Fiction Writings

I love stories. I love it when a made-up place with made-up people connects in a real way. As a fellow writer once put it, fiction is a lens through which one can understand the world. That is not a frivolous or a silly thing – it can actually be life-saving.

Most of my fiction writing as an adult has involved fan fiction. You can read most of those stories here at – but I must warn you, some of them are not all that good. If you don’t know the show a story is based in, you will quite possibly be lost. Though some good tales are to be found, so feel free to poke around.

As readers of this blog know, I am also a regular participant in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short), and that has produced some, oh, let’s say interesting stories. I like to think of them as a jumbled and snarled ball of yarn with salvageable story threads deep inside.  In fact, I’m working on turning one of the story ideas sparked from the madcap novel-writing adventure into a serial novel I will be posting here. Titled The Secret Lives of Baristas, it is currently in need of a firm plot so the characters aren’t all haphazardly wandering around. Click the story title link for a (needs to be polished) tag line/synopsis. I will be posting it here as soon as I have something to post!

Thank you for checking out my stories – I hope you find something you enjoy!

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