Finding This Blog’s Focal Point — Part III

It’s a little tight in here . . .*

I have wondered for quite a while what the focal point of this blog should be. (You can find the two posts directly tackling things under the “Noteworthy Posts” header.) Should I focus on faith? Writing? The creative process? Humour? Each thread I tried to hang this blog off of broke. Someone else was either doing a better job with any of the niches I could think of, or my voice felt forced/faked, or I would quickly run out of steam (and ideas) after one brainstorming session.

Not good.

So rather than stress myself out over the whole situation, I decided to give myself the remaining summer months to write about “whatever” here. So I wrote about wishes, grace, community, The Piano Guys, and Doctor Who. I received an award and I passed out some awards. I read other blogs, too, looking at what they did that I liked. I did my best to listen to those more experienced than I, to look at those with solid platforms and thriving communities, and to glean from their wisdom.

But it wasn’t until early last week that the missing signpost came clearly into view. On Tuesday, August 28th, I read a post at Andi Cumbo‘s blog titled We are the Multitudes: Giving Up the Niche Blog.

People, that post resounded with me more than anything I have read on finding the focal point for a blog. And it’s not that the other things I read were lacking in sound advice or clarity or any such thing. But Andi’s words and her declaration that she was going to write about her life gave me the courage to do the same thing: I, too, am going to write about my life. For my life doesn’t just involve faith, writing, musings on the creative process, or humorous tidbits. It is made up of many pieces, many threads that are all being put together to make a complete picture. A picture of a girl who is doing her best to be the person God created her to be.

I hope that as you are able to, you will join me on this journey. And thank you for the roads you have travelled with me already.

*Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan ©2012 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


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