Some Favourite Things

Some Favourite Things

I’ve been trying to find a better balance of staying informed regarding current events and staying, well, sane. And I know that is a luxury many do not have, so it feels sort of selfish and silly to even type that previous sentence. But it’s also the reality of this life … so I’m learning to balance that tension, too, in these days.

Man, there is simply not a good segue from there to what’s next, and isn’t that how life can be sometimes? No good transitions from one thing to the next? So onwards we clumsily trip …

There are some good things I’ve encountered recently that I wanted to share. I hope in my sharing you, too, will think of good things you have hopefully encountered in recent days. So here are five of my good finds from the past week: 

1. Italian Concerto, BWV 971: I (Allegro) by Johann Sebastian Bach: I am a Bach fan (thanks to my mom!), and recently came upon this piece played by Murray Perahia on one of my Daily Mixes on Spotify. Something about Bach’s music brightens my soul, and this is no exception. Click this link for a listen when you have four mintues.

2. The Phil Vischer Podcast w/ Todd Komarnicki: I’m a fairly recent listener of Phil Vischer’s weekly podcast, and as such had not heard his 2012 interview with film producer Todd Komarnicki of Elf fame – Phil posted it as a ‘throwback’ episode for this week. You guys! It is a delightful interview, a case of where a guest knew how to roll with the host in the best possible ways. If you have a chance you can find the interview on iTunes or your favoured podcast platform. Or click this link to give it a listen.

3. A Lot Like Christmas: Stories by Connie Willis: It seems weird to put it this way, but I have only fully read one of Connie Willis’ books (To Say Nothing of the Dog) and I am absolutely a fan of her work. I also happen to enjoy the Christmas season, so it was a no-brainer to put a temporary hold on my book-buying restriction and pick up a collection of her Christmas-themed stories when I saw it at my local Chapters last week. I was hooked after her intro, and I can see why the first story of the collection is a favourite of her readers. I’m looking forward to exploring the remaining tales. And guess what? You can click this link to take a peek inside for yourself.

4. Echoes by Matt Maher: Matt Maher is one of those artists where I am highly likely to buy his music before I even hear all of one song. And I was thrilled when I heard he had new music coming out. I’ve yet to make it all the way through this newest collection, but I do recommend giving Clean Heart a listen – it’s a reminder I need to get on repeat in this heart.

5. Doctor Who: Shada: Douglas Adams – he of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame – had also been involved with the classic British TV series Doctor Who back in the day, and an episode he penned is being brought back to (animated) life (the BBC liked to re-record over things also back in the day). Oh, and they’re USING THE ORIGINAL CAST TO VOICE IT! Check out the teaser trailer here.

Thanks for checking out some of my favourite things – feel free to share any of the things you’ve been enjoying either here in the comments, or via my Facebook page or Twitter. :)

* Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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