Have TARDIS, will travel.*

I cannot say for certain if the bent of today’s blog post has to do with my vacation now being 100% over, or if it is merely an idea born out of watching The Destinations of Doctor Who mixed with an hour-long writing session in which a full post failed to materialize. Either way it made me wonder, “If I had a TARDIS, where would I go?” Here are a few timey-wimey destinations that came to mind:

  1. I would really enjoy being part of (even as an observer) a brainstorming/writing session with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for the BBC series Sherlock.
  2. Attending a taping/filming of the work resulting from #1 would also be pretty sweet.
  3. The world of Pride & Prejudice. If there are parallel universes, why not have one where the characters of my favourite Jane Austen novel are living, breathing people?
  4. I would like to travel the world at least twice (and with a TARDIS, I could even do so and still be back in time for work).
  5. I would visit all the best libraries and bookstores, and spend at least a day at each.
  6. August 26, 2012, 3:00 PM MT — because that is when I should have started working on today’s blog post. Instead, I surfed Pinterest.

If you could travel anywhere, any time, where would you go? Feel free to ponder it in your head or sound off in the comments section below!

*Photo Credit: James Bowe ©2012 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


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