In Lieu of a Proper Post


I’ve been working on a “proper” blog post since Sunday. I have a Word document waiting for me to fill it up with more than three sentences. I have a photo selected. I have a title that might make the SEO-bots happy.

And still, I struggle.

I suppose the Saturday premiere of the new season of Doctor Who has me a little bit more excited than I realized, as on Monday I posted about possible TARDIS travel destinations, and today . . . well, today I decided to share a fun little video I found awhile ago on You Tube involving the Tenth Doctor and the ever-delightful Donna Noble.

(My apologies to all of you who are not fans of Doctor Who – I should be over it by Monday.)

But before I post the video, I have an important announcement:

Last Friday I opened a draw for one of five copies of Bob Goff’s book Love Does. The books arrived today, and I will be closing the draw on Thursday, August 30th at 10 PM MT/Midnight ET. Winners of the draw will be announced in Friday’s blog post. So if you would like a chance to win a fantastic (and free!) book, head over to last Friday’s post for details on how to enter.

Now, here is the video featuring the sometimes-flummoxed Doctor and the ever-intrepid Donna:


  • randomlychad says:

    Confession: I haven’t watched Dr. Who since the Tom Baker days. Would you like a jelly baby?

    Having a TARDIS would be quite cool!

    • crosscribe says:

      My husband watched Doctor Who during the Tom Baker days. In fact, his parents once spent several evenings recording episodes on VHS courtesy of PBS as a birthday present for him one year. And a jelly baby would be great. Thanks!

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