My Computer is Sick

For the first time in five years, my iMac has experienced a problem warranting a trip to a local Apple retailer to get things looked at. We dropped it off on Monday, and there is no word yet as to when I’ll have my computer back (or if I’ll be looking at replacing it altogether).

As such, I have been trying to get a post together on my iPad, and it’s not easy. I know, I know — I should learn how to use the Blogsy app already. But it’s Tuesday, September 4th as I type this, and in less than half an hour it will be 10:00 PM. And I am really ready to veg. (Even as I typed that last sentence, I could hear words like “hustle” and “get busy” and “work harder” fighting to get to the forefront of my mind. But they don’t have much traction, as I did do those things today.)

So I’m going to give myself a breather, set aside some time to watch the You Tube videos in the help section of Blogsy, and see what my hubby is up to.

I hope you understand. It’s not you at all — it’s 100% me and my computer.

^^My sad computer. :-(


  • My worst nightmare. Seriously.

    My heart goes out to you and your Mackie, and I hope the iPad appreciates the extra attention it’s getting and treats you right!

    • crosscribe says:

      Thanks, Christine! They’re still trying to isolate the problem on my iMac, so the iPad is still getting extra attention. Hopefully I have it back before too long. :-p

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