I wonder sometimes how badly I want to do this whole “writing thing”. I wonder about it when quasi-regular commenters suddenly go silent, when I opt to watch a few episodes of “Bones” instead of hashing out some guest post ideas, when I simply avoid putting my butt in the seat and writing for whatever reason.

I see the results for the people who do hustle, who do work, who do sacrifice, who feed that fire in their belly. And I wonder, “What am I missing? What is wrong with me?”

(In all honesty, I am simply lazy at times. I want the rewards without the effort.)

It would be easy to turn this into a “Woe is me” piece, but those are tiresome to write and probably not much better to read.

So instead I’m going to lace up my running shoes. After that I’m going to catch up on a bit of reading, clean my house, figure out what to make for supper, go to my office job.

All that to say I’ll see you on Wednesday.



  • Andi says:

    Michelle, you ask such good questions here. Real questions. Sometimes, we are lazy (I am, for sure), and sometimes we put the value of what we do in the wrong things – could it be that the comments are not what give your writing value but that you do it? I struggle with that all the time.

    Love you.

    • crosscribe says:

      Thanks, Andi. I think it’s sometimes a good thing for me to post when I’m a bit tired and frustrated — I’m more honest and an less concerned with putting on a “good” face.

      And too often I do put value in the wrong things. It happens in other areas of my life outside of writing, too. Frustrating.

  • Andrea Ward says:

    I hear you. I see the results of hustle, but then I look at my life. I wonder if I really want to make that commitment. So many times I think I would rather just sit back and relax. For now I have appeased both sides of this struggle by simply committing to put more words together as I go about my day in my head. If I get them written down, that’s a bonus. Maybe if I change my mindset, then I can change my results. Then maybe I’ll be ready to hustle more.

    Or maybe that’s all just talk. I really don’t know!!!

    • crosscribe says:

      It can be hard to sort it all out, eh? Some days I’m all about the hustle and moving forward, and other days I want to snuggle up with my hubby and my cat on the couch and watch TV.

      I think that’s why, in part, God scheduled (and modeled) having a day of rest. We need to the time to recharge and rejuvenate.

  • I think we all go through ups and downs…times when it comes easy, times when we just slog through, and the days when you just plain can’t. Give yourself grace. Take the time you need to get refreshed, and then come back strong. We need you.

    • crosscribe says:

      Thank you, Christine! Funny how it can be so much easier to extend grace to other people than to ourselves (or at least I find it hard).

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