Luna sleeping by igKnition

Happy Places

Night before last Jeff and I were talking for a bit before bed when he, in the way he so often does, gently pointed out perhaps it was time for … Continue Reading →

"One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by." ~Jeannette Walls, "The Glass Castle"*

Five Fun Summer Things

It’s looking like it will be a list-y kind of a week here, y’all, for as I was wondering what to post for today my husband suggested I make a … Continue Reading →

Up ahead*

Some Things I’m Looking Forward To

Spring is here! I’m normally not one who longs for the end of winter, but for some reason I am quite eager this year to pack up the heavy coats, … Continue Reading →

A Coffee and a Christmas Tune Friday

Soon (this evening, in fact, for Jeff and I) we’ll begin gathering with family and friends at various parties and get-togethers to celebrate the holiday season. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas, … Continue Reading →

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Reboot: The Amazing Spider-Man

My husband and I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man last night with some friends, and we all really enjoyed it (though I’m fine with avoiding both spiders and lizards … Continue Reading →