live love laugh by Andrew Mager


I didn’t know what to write for today’s post. I spent the better part of an hour last night flipping through photos on Facebook, wondering where the years are going … Continue Reading →

Bye, Bye ... by Hamed Saber

Things Keep Changing

This is a late post, I know. But between a cold I’ve been fighting for the better part of a week along with some recent goings-on, my usual writing time … Continue Reading →

A view from the house I grew up in.


I fell in love with big, blue skies and wide-open spaces thanks to the house I grew up in, surrounded as it was by fields marking the seasons: Spring’s brown … Continue Reading →

“. . . I’m wasting my way through days
Losing youth along the way . . .”  -“Wasteland” by Needtobreathe*

Speed Up, Slow Down

At 42 years of age I still find myself wishing for time to speed up in some areas, while thinking it would be quite lovely if it slowed to the … Continue Reading →

Photo Credit: James Jordan ©2008 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

It’s a Non-Stop Balancing Act

I’m realizing more and more there is no “end point” for finding a work-life-etc. balance. And for someone like me who does not always adapt smoothly to a plan being … Continue Reading →