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The Liebster Awards - Pt. I

The Liebster Awards - Pt. I

I take a week off, and I get an award! (Is that a bad sign?) Well, it was actually more a case of coincidence (as in it 100% was a coincidence). Just as I started thinking of taking some time off from here in order to focus on finishing up an online writing course, I received a Liebster Award from Andrea Ward of the blog Jesus, You, and Me. I was pretty excited, actually, as I appreciate anyone taking the time to read This Time Around, much less take the time to give me any award of any sort.

Now this award does not involve red carpet events or fancy parties. (Drats.) What it does mean is I will be sharing 11 facts about myself, answering 11 questions posted by Andrea on her blog, and then make up a set of 11 questions for the bloggers I will pass the award along to (and who I need to notify of their being a recipient of said award).

So here we go:

11 Facts About Me

  1. I’m not OCD, but I do think bric-a-brac needs to be arranged a certain way whether it be the pens on my desk at work or the toothbrush holder at home.
  2. I have an alarm clock by my side of the bed that is strictly for telling the time as I prefer using my iPhone as my alarm clock.
  3. I’m seriously looking into getting a tattoo.
  4. Sometimes I think I could have been an ad exec or designer of some sort as I like playing with colours, patterns, and fonts/typesets.
  5. I’m not the greatest at sharing things about me that I may think are weird or could create an awkward situation.
  6. Even as I approach my 41st birthday, I still find myself wanting at times to be “popular”. And then when I have even a whiff of it come my way I don’t know what to do with it, so I guess it’s best to keep being me and not worry about the rest.
  7. I initially liked Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books, but after reading the 2nd book in the series realized I hated the way she wrote the character of Dr. John Watson. I’ve since quit reading that series.
  8. I can make a pretty mean crêpe. Speaking of which, it has been a long time since I have made crêpes.
  9. I met a great group of ladies online thanks to a Clay Aiken message board from his American Idol days. Don’t laugh! But man, we could tell you some crazy fan stories!
  10. I would someday like to have a house with a wrap-around porch or deck. Or a nice little outside nook of some sort at which to sit with a cup of coffee in the mornings when the weather’s nice.
  11. Back in 6th grade, I was a big Michael Jackson fan. (Back then he was simply eccentric . . .)

11 Questions from Andrea

  1. What soap is in your shower right now? We currently have three varieties of shower gel -- one from Soft Soap, one from Bath and Bodyworks, and the other from Nivea.
  2. What is something you read every day? Words.
  3. What is one thing you are avoiding doing right now? Going to bed so I can finish this post.
  4. Realistically, what is your goal for the last half of 2012? To finish the goal I set at the beginning of the year to read 12 books.
  5. Of all the bedrooms you have had in your life, which one was your favourite and why?  My husband’s and mine current bedroom is my favourite. We redecorated not too long ago, and I really like how it all turned out.
  6. If you could by one piece of expensive fine art, what would it be? Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” or “Starry Night”.
  7. What do you think of the two guys in the Sonic commercials? I have never seen them, so I have no thoughts about them one way or another.
  8. How many blogs do you read regularly?  Six or so.
  9. What is your favourite team (athletic, literary, fantasy, whatever)? Literary: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. I love the way their friendship has been portrayed in the BBC series and the Guy Ritchie movies in particular.
  10. What do you feel the most awkward doing? Talking about things I’m good at.
  11. Who controls the TV remote in your house? Thankfully, we share it pretty evenly.

Now as this is turning into a much longer post than what I normally have here at my blog, I have decided to post the names of the bloggers I will be passing the Liebster Award to along with their 11 questions to answer on Wednesday. So stay tuned for part two to see who I will be handing out awards to and what marvelous questions await them.

Thanks for reading!

*Photo Credit: Julie Rybarczyk ©2010 (Flickr via Creative Commons)

The Liebster Awards -- Pt. II

The Liebster Awards -- Pt. II