Validate Me!

I found a wonderful little short film on Monday thanks to my cousin Julie and her wonderful blog* Finding Beautiful. When you have 15 minutes to spare you should watch it, for not only is it fun, sweet, and rather delightful when all is said and done, it also may smack you between the eyes around the 6:53 mark.

(Or was I the only one being smacked? Check it out, and then keep reading for what gave me pause.)

Did you see that? What started happening at the 6:53 mark? Or rather what didn’t happen?

No one validated Hugh.

When Hugh Newman, who had encouraged and validated numerous people, needed some encouragement and validation of his own, he was greeted with dejection, snippiness, and eventually a dismissal notice.

No one told him it would get better or that he was great. They were just bummed because he wasn’t making them feel better. And I wonder how often I’m like that with the Hugh Newmans in my life. It’s probably way too often.

You. Are. Great.^

So this is a reminder for me – and maybe for you – to keep my eyes and ears open for those opportunities to lift up and encourage others, particularly those who have done the same for me time and time again.

Because you know what? We all need some validation.




*Trust me – I’m not saying that because we are related. It’s a lovely blog, and you would do well to check it out.

^Photo Credit: hobvias sudoneighm © 2007 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


  • Julie says:

    :-) Thank you! And I completely agree. The vid reminded me of those things as well. That’s one of the greatest lessons we humans have to learn – to be kind to people, ALWAYS, because it’s the best thing to do and, whether they believe it or not, people deserve kindness.

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