What to Write?

I’m struggling with what to write at the moment. It’s currently 10:09 PM on a Tuesday night as I work on this, and I told my husband about an hour ago that I hoped I wouldn’t be too long. But between a late snack (necessary due to a skipped supper), an update for Microsoft Word on my iMac, the hunt for the perfect playlist, and, oh yes – a blog post and, well.

Here I am.

In regards to Monday’s post:

It’s not that I think I shouldn’t write at all. No, I know part of my wiring includes writing. It took me awhile to get that all sorted out, but I did and now it’s settled and that’s that.

But I wonder what I am to write.

I enjoy blogging. I like the practice, the routine it gives me. It’s not all I want to write, however. For I really enjoy fiction. I’m crap at finishing anything outside of National Novel Writing Month, mind you. But I so enjoy a well-told story and I want to pen my own well-told stories.

Photo: Peer Lawther ©2011

But so often I feel that is a wasteful thing to want to do.

So I question the validity of the desire. I squash it down, tuck it away, and focus on More Important Things.

Yet I wonder . . . what if I worked on a story until it was done? It wouldn’t have to be great, just done? What would that look like? Feel like? Could I tell a good story, a complete story? Could it be polished into something great, however that may look (for what may be great for me may not be great for someone else and vice-versa)?

As I ponder that, I’ll listen to Singing Stone by Rhett Walker Band a few more times. It helps get me in a ‘good’ contemplative mood:

Photo Credit: Peer Lawther ©2011 (Flickr via Creative Commons)


  • Andrea Ward says:

    I hear you. I think that stuff all the time. I have yet to come up with a good answer.

    • crosscribe says:

      I wonder if part of our difficulty with finding an answer has to do with erroneously thinking what we want to write is somehow wrong or wasteful? Could it be that our desires are, in fact, lining up with God’s will for us? But somehow we’re not seeing it?

      Oh boy — I just ended up with more questions and still no answers. 😛

      Hey! You should join Jim Woods’ writing revolution! Here’s the link: http://www.unknownjim.com/revolution/

      • Andrea Ward says:

        I totally think the wrong or wasteful stuff is part of my issue. And related to that is making sure what I write is ‘meaningful’. So last Friday when Ben was playing at our church playground, I just sat there writing about the sky in my head. I also ‘wrote’ in my head about our piazza buffet lunch and earlier in the week the sunset. I had no character ir plot in mind. I just put words together and it felt pretty awesome. So I’m going to try that more often and see where that leads. I have tried and tried and tried to map out characters and plot lines and then write. That hasn’t worked, so I’m going to focus less on the end result and more on the writing. Now I just need to make sure

  • Andrea Ward says:

    Stupid Kindle. As I was saying, now I need to make sure I’m writing it down! Not just composing in my head.

    • crosscribe says:

      You know, plotting everythng out beforehand doesn’t always work for me, either. I sometimes feel like I’ve already told the story by the time I’ve finished with outlines and character sketches and the like. I read in an article once where author Meg Cabot doesn’t outline, either. So yay — I’m not alone! (And neither are you.) :-)

  • Andrea Ward says:

    Yay! And she is pretty famous. :)

    • crosscribe says:

      That she is! But yes, it made me smile to read how she doesn’t outline. We have to each find what works for us in the storytelling process. :)

  • Peer Lawther says:

    Just a note to say thanks for using my photo, looks great!

    • crosscribe says:

      You’re welcome! It’s a gorgeous photo, and it really fit the picture I would get in my mind while listening to Rhett Walker Band’s “Singing Stone”. :-)

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